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“Lagmay has a wonderful ability to tell an original story and to create dynamic characters. The characters are three-dimensional and readers will quickly become emotionally involved. They may even find themselves cheering for Prince Ezra, Hannah, and Boris.

The Promise of Christmas juxtaposes the secular-pagan Santa Claus with the birth of Jesus Christ brilliantly. An entertaining tale, Lagmay’s novel has the appeal of the poem “Twas the Night Before Christmas” and the power of the nativity story. This and Lagmay’s follow up novel—there is a teaser at the end of the book for a sequel—could become a part of the twenty-first century’s collective understanding of Christmas.”

Chuck Hensley

"Absolutely spellbinding! Dana Lagmay has created a storyline and characters so stunning you can almost imagine the interaction at the first nativity. I loved the story and can hardly wait for the sequel!"

John Tengan

"I thought the book was very entertaining. The characters were classic fairy tale representations. This book would capture an audience with a spiritual background."

Fred Glynn - author of “Authors of the Bible”

"I read a dozen or so pages before going to bed last night. After I had been sleeping awhile, I woke up and read some more. this happened over and over until, by 7 am, I had finished reading the book. What a wonderful book The Promise Of Christmas is!"

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