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(Paperback) Three Kings and a Prince - The First Christmas

This is a road-twisting, cliff-hanging, gut-wrenching, heart-breaking, quest-driven story that whip-cracks the struggle between good and evil.


Was the star over Bethlehem more than just a star that appeared on a celestial clock, or was it on a divine clock that ushered in peace for the warring cave dwellers, and guided a prince to discover fragments of that star, and became a tool for the oracle in a cave to prepare the way for the birth of the Christ child?


Will the prince complete his quest for peace after surviving the bitter Siberian Mountains and marching through the deep burning sun-parched sands of the slave-trade wastelands?  Can he defeat the ruthless fur traders, evil-stinking robbers, and mean-as-hell soldiers after being smitten by a ravishing beauty of a Siberian princess?  Or will her ferocious Siberian grizzly guardian ravish him instead? …and what of the mysterious oracle who lives in the foothills of the Star Lake region wandering the dark halls of his candlelit cave telling stories of ancient warring cave dwellers and a fiery star?  What role does he play in this tale of wonder and treachery, “The Promise of Christmas”?


Discover how St. Nicholas and his flying sleigh and reindeer had its origins with the prince and his family…and how Christmas was first celebrated to include the building of the sleigh and why it flies in the Sequel, “The Sleighmaker”

(Paperback) Three Kings and a Prince - The First Christmas

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