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The Promise of Christmas: The Sleighmaker

Was it just the calm before the storm, like a thief lurking in the dark…or the ebbing tide just before the crash of a tidal wave?  Was Prince Ezra drawn into la-la-land when he returned to the comforts of his kingdom with his beautiful Siberian princes? so it seemed, until his son met a twelve-year-old boy named Jesus in a temple, and was handed a gift of carpenter tools from Jesus to take back to the cave dwellers in the Star Lake region of Siberia. Is this a mysterious link to the oracle in the cave, and the building of a sleigh that flies?


Will the prince endanger his family with the perils of traveling north? How will he overcome the rampaging armies gobbling up land for their empire, and dirt-bag sword-slashing thieves stalking the dangerous trade routes? How will he prevent them from killing him, taking his children as slaves, and stealing the special gift for the cave dwellers? Indeed, it becomes a screaming, sweat-breaking, hair-wrenching, knee-trembling nightmare.


From the very first moment the transcendental voice in the heavens whispers its cosmic instructions, until the final moments of this epic herculean adventure of the heart, this story will tease your curiosity into flying high like a roller-coaster sleigh-ride zipping through the star filled skies. This tale will alchemize, agonize, tantalize, emotionalize, and captivate your soul into graceful submission, filling it finally, with a peaceful desire…read it at your own peril.

The Promise of Christmas: The Sleighmaker

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